Diamond Lightbody Frequency

Kira Diane Lester
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This is an mp3 audio containing the Diamond Lightbody, or Divine Lightbody Frequencies. These were infused into this audio by a Collective of Lightbeings, far from Earth, who have never incarnated, and exist as pure light. This audio is designed to align and energy match you with this Lightbody!

Here is what people are saying about the 5D,7D and Diamond Lightbody frequencies:-       "I ordered the light sound transmissions, all three of them, they are amazing, I was listening to the diamond light body transmission, I put the transmission on repeat, listening over again, I felt sleep for about one hour, I woke up, and I saw a flashing white light around me, with great light energy currents going trough me, there was definitely great energy work taking place within. This sound harmonics are amazing, would like to see more of this transmissions"... Luis V.

"I can really feel the frequencies while listening to these audios, they are totally awesome!".... Brenda J.

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Diamond Lightbody Frequency

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