Lightsuit Healing Grids

Kira Diane Lester
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The 'Lightsuit Healing Grids' 15 in total, have been channeled to heal and repair the structure of our bodies, assisting them in returning to full lightbody health and harmony.. They are designed to promote cellular regeneration and restore the PHI Ratio within the organism. 

You can ask for the Grids to be downloaded into your energy matrix, just by observing them. Or alternatively they can be printed as they are in PDF format. Do not download more than one grid at a time (preferably allow a few days in between each one for integration).. Also, as with the other Grids, they can be used to remotely heal others.

If printing, please ensure that you print the Pdfs in their actual size, so that they are easy to use. 

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Lightsuit Healing Grids

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