Diamond Lightbody, ebook

Kira Diane Lester
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Diamond Light Consciousness was always an intended part of the Universal Plan once a sufficient crystal consciousness had been achieved here on Earth.

The Diamond Light template, exists as an energy matrix which forms the basic structure of our Diamond Lightbody. It is created out of multidimensional light filaments, or light streams, which hold both information and the frequency of the Diamond Ray. This is a consciousness stream, or operating system which was used here around 300,000 years ago, before the Earth entered the Duality/ Separation Experiment. Included in this book are the Diamond Light key codes, which when used, will re-activate this Consciousness within us, returning us to our Immortal state of Being. The codons in this book, instruct our DNA to recreate this amazing Lightbody. This is the latest step of our Evolutionary journey, the activation of our Immortal Body of Light! (please note, one good way of absorbing the codon sequences is to infuse them into water, by placing them under a glass of water, and after a few hours, sipping the water. Please ensure that you only infuse one block at a time, and in the order they are presented).  

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  • Size689 KB
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Diamond Lightbody, ebook

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