Solar Light Grids

Kira Diane Lester
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The Solar Light Grid Matrix, is an advanced matrix of light. Its purpose is to evolve the Collective Consciousness to a state of Unity with the Whole, the sum total of all Life! Its expression is supreme, as the greatest light within the galaxy.

Your Source Self is expressing itself through this matrix, as a means of expansion for the Whole. This is the next stage of your evolution. It is ready to come online now. There will be light grid transmissions accompanying these grids, from the Elohim. These will be given regularly to those who use the grids. 

The energy of each grid is unique, and opens a portal for the downloading of new information. This information will be used to make the necessary changes to your energy matrix. These five grids are the essential geometries of the Solar Matrix. Use each grid individually, and do NOT overlap with the others, this is important! Your energy field can only accommodate so much light, and would otherwise be overloaded. Once you have downloaded a grid (this can happen just by holding it and with intention), allow plenty of time before you move onto the next one. You should consider leaving at least a week of your Earth time between each grid, to allow full assimilation of their geometries.... This work will establish the highest light matrix to date!   Please note these grids need to be printed off to be used, preferably at their actual size. 

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Solar Light Grids

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