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MAX, ebook

This is a channelling from the 13th crystal skull, MAX. These ancient skulls are living conscious libraries or multidimensional portals. They contain the codes of and for humanity's evolution, having the codes of the crystalline body transition. Max is giving us the ability to unlock our current reality, returning it to a state of neutrality, from which it can be re-patterned to a form of our liking. The codes within this book, also move us closer to "Solar Lightbody". Also, through the energy of this book, we are able to request a download of the programs of 'health and wellbeing', and others such as 'abundance', plus a type of 'anti-virus' download that will protect our energy fields from negativity!   When we connect with Max, we can activate the other 12 skulls, from the crystal skull grid, that are aligned with the 12 strand DNA template, and the 12th dimension. 

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MAX, ebook

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