The Golden Ark

Kira Diane Lester
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“Man has long sought the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, believing it to be the answer to all his ills.. Though this may be true to some degree, it is much more than this.. The Ark is a vibrational tool of great light, as is mentioned in your scriptures.. It is however a hyperspace construct, rather than a physical one, which has been used countless times, by many races for their betterment..

The Light of the Ark, comes by way of a portal to the Great Central Sun. It has the power to transform all things, returning them to their Divine nature, of pure light essence.. Let only those who are pure of heart use this tool, and they shall see God, made manifest in everything and everyone” …

This energy tool is written in Universal Star Language, and needs to be read or recited, in order to build the energy layers that culminate in the opening to the portal of Light.. It is easy to master, please listen to the mp3 audio at, of me reciting this language.. When reading/reciting, please ensure that when you need to stop, that you do so at a full stop, and not in between a verse.. The verses are in columns and need to be read from top left to bottom right.. Blessings of Light.. Kir-aha X

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The Golden Ark

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