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Kira Diane Lester
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The Hyperborean Portal is a hyperspace creation which allows us access to all dimensional realities, including the inner Earth domain, or Hollow Earth, as some call it. This is where our Agarthan allies reside, having escaped the demise of Atlantis.This is my eighth book. It is a channelling from both the Hyperboreans, and the Agarthans. The Hyperboreans are the original creators of ‘Hollow Earth’ or ‘Agartha’, whose capital city is known as “Shamballa”.

The Hyperboreans, or forefathers as the Agarthans call them, exist between the 7th and 9th dimensions.

Both Hindu and Buddist texts refer to this inner world and it’s people. Certain individuals have been allowed to visit here, such as Admiral Byrd in the forties, though their reports afterwards were treated with scepticism.

This book tells humanity about it’s changes, and our Agarthan relatives. At the end of the communication, they have given us a key, which affords us entry to the portal. Using this key rapidly speeds up our vibrations to align us with their frequency, it aligns our 18 bodies with the frequency of the new 5D reality, or the ‘New Lemuria’, as some are calling it. so that we may more easily ascend to this timeline of Great Light. They work closely with the Galactic Federation, and our Cosmic Families to restore Peace and Harmony to our surface world.

When the time is right, they will reappear on the surface, in conjunction with the landing of members of the Federation and other Cosmic Beings, who have been working tirelessly to free our world of tyranny and negativity. They work together to empower us all.

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The Hyperborean Portal ebook

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