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I am a channel for the Ultimate Light, a first born Oraphim/Elohim walk-in, a stargate keeper for the Amenti and Sphinx Portals. Having released the first vibrational tool from the etheric vaults of Giza, the 'Book Of Life' (which shifts us into Christ Consciousness when read)...I can activate your DNA, and help you to reach your highest light potential, whilst embodied..  Since being downloaded with Light Codes by the Elohim, I have been given many new 'systems of light 'to assist humanity in its evolution. This has enabled me to remotely send high frequency quantum energy upgrades to people, that will shift them to new octaves of light. I am also the first Portal for the "Gateway Systems" which have returned to us from Atlantis, where they were used in the healing temples as a Biogenesis tool. The systems establish the 'Crystalline Light Matrix', followed by the 'Diamond Light Matrix', then the 'Solar Light Matrix'. I have since channeled more systems of Light, which originate outside of the Quantum Field, such as the 'Ketheric System' (the 'Ketheric Healing', energy comes from the nuclear fields of Source), and the 'Plasma Light System' (which comes from the Essence itself)... And other systems such as the 'Silverstar System', which will shift you instantly from the lowest vibration to the highest!.. All of my products contain 'quantum triggers' which will shift you quickly into a faster/higher vibration.. You can find me at;; https://blueprintreset.com     

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